8. International
Film Festival
13 - 19 March 2006






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With an Audacious Spirit

The latest edition of the Documentary Film Festival has faced us with the formidable challenge to combine different ambitions, approaches and trends of contemporary documentary production. We have threaded stories from entirely different environments as well as various historical and political backgrounds that share only the independent and autonomous wish to observe and comment on the state of affairs around us, around them.

This year's films on artists and arts have been entitled The Making of. We find this title more appropriate since all these films deal with a certain production process of visual, music, or dance creations in a very direct, almost self-reflective manner...

Traditionally, the second section addresses several burning issues of contemporary society, the topical cultural cleft of the globalised world that, paradoxically, united us in the desire for a handsome profit and separated us culturally, if not everywhere and entirely, then at least too often, and in too many ways.

The embodiment of the finest human spirit that aims for a more tolerant and open world, film festivals are making a desperate attempt at having a fruitful dialogue my means of the filmic images of the world. But how can one comment on the fact that the truest stories are the imaginary ones that tackle the truth. What we can say, though, is that you are invited to attend the discussion on the above issue, the issue of exploring the border between the fictional and documentary. Itís not as if we were the first to ponder on these questions, but it had been done at another time and in other films. Now that Berlin showed The Road to Guantanamo by Michael Winterbottom on one hand and Offside by Jafar Panahi on the other, that same question has acquired a different tinge!

Jelka Stergel


Ban Yuan Freundin

Peak Gorky


Latest news



The 8th International Documentary Film Festival concluded with Honeymoon by Slovenian director Drazen Stader. 38 films, of which 9 were shorts by Badjura award-winner Joze Pogacnik, were seen by 3360 viewers during the seven festival days.

In the competitive section of Alpine and Adventure Films the jury comprised of top-level climber and essayist Pavle Kozjek, film director Andrej Mlakar and climber, author and professor with the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts, Tomo Virk, awarded Touching the Void by Kevin MacDonald.

The Festival award went to Touching the Void for its convincing and honest portrayal of human willpower and acts in extreme circumstances, when decisions tend to encroach upon the fundamental ethical values of mountain climbing. The special quality of the film is the sincere and inexorable self-expression of the lead characters in this true story from the Peruvian Andes.

Special jury mention was bestowed to Marco, etoile filante by Bertrand Delapierre for a poignant portrait of a short, but rich career of an outstanding skier and boarder Marco Siffredi. The story of a free, yet consummate life irrespective of limits and completely dedicated to higher goals is perhaps best described by its title: shooting star.





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